Ultrasonic Pigeon Repellent

Pest repellent has come a long way recently, and new technologies has brought about ultrasonic pigeon repellents. These electronic devices work by emitting a high pitched noise, or generating pulses in nearby electromagnetic fields. These pieces of equipment are great non-toxic ways to keep pigeons and other pests away from your home.

How They Work

Electronic pigeon repellers might not look like a whole lot, so it is hard to tell how they are working. Here we will discuss how these devices work to repel pigeons. There are two basic kinds of repellers, ultrasonic and electromagnetic.

ultrasonic pigeon repellentUltrasonic pigeon repellents work by releasing short wave length, high pitched frequencies. These high pitched noises irritate pests such as pigeons, and they are repelled by it. Other pests that these devices work on are spiders, rodents, and insects. However, humans cannot hear it because our ear drums cannot vibrate quickly enough.

The other type of electronic pigeon repellent deals with electromagnetic forces. These devices will alter the electromagnetic fields around your home. These fields are already around your home from wiring and metal in walls. However, the repellers work by vibrating these fields, and this irritates pests.

Do These Electronic Repellents Really Work?

There is a bit of a confusion as to whether these devices work or not. Some people say they work speculatively well, while others claim they are worthless. These electronic repellers are not regulated, because they have no chemicals. You will have to determine for yourself whether they work or not.

Best Electronic Pigeon Repellents

electronic bird repellerBXP Electronic Bird Repeller

This device uses sonic technology that is designed to target birds. It can cover a range of up to an acre! You can also choose 8 natural bird sounds, which includes predator calls. This will help scare pigeons away. It is weather proof and perfect for yards. You can customize frequency, volume, direction, and hours of operation.


yard gard pigeon ultrasonic repellentBird-X Yard Gard Ultrasonic Repeller

This ultrasonic repeller is designed and built specificaly for yard, and will work in an area up to 4,000 square feet. It is easy to attach and mount, because it has keyhole slots. It is durable, maintenance free, and weatherproof. It also have a built in motion sensor.


transonic ultrasonic repellent for pigeonsTransonic Pro Electronic Repellent

This ultrasonic repeller works in an area that is up to 3500 square feet in size. It is great for in garages, and basements. It creates intolerable high pitched, variable sounds that pests can not stand. However, pets and humans cannot hear it. It has a different settings to target different pests.


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