How to Scare Away Pigeons

There are many ways to get rid of pigeons, but the best is to use methods to scare them away. There are many benefits to this. You are not harming the birds with chemicals, glues, or traps. You don’t have to alter your home in anyway. Plus, it is a very cost friendly solution.

This article will cover some of the most popular methods used to scare away pigeons. Not only will you scare them away, you will stop them from coming back.

pigeon scare tapeScare Tape

If you are looking for a cheap, effective solution to getting rid of pigeons, scare tape may be your answer. A lot of people have success using it. Pigeons are naturally afraid of loud metallic noises, and bright flashy lights. Scare tape can simulate these conditions.

Install it on your roof, window ledges, or around your garden. Wind will blow the tape around creating a rattling noise, and causing the reflective surface to shimmer in all directions. This will help deter all kinds of birds, not just pigeons.

pigeon scare decoyPredator Decoys

Pigeons are always on the lookout for predatory birds like falcons, hawks, and owls. These are the pigeons natural predators, along with humans. Avoiding predatory birds is an instinctual response for survival.

Placing a decoy statue on your home’s roof or near other nesting locations. This will keep pigeons away. Make sure you place it in a place where pigeons can see it most easily. If you place it on one side of the roof, the pigeons might just go to the other side.

pigeon scare owlScare Tape & Decoy Combo

Not sure whether you are going to try scare tape or a decoy? There is a cool product that is a combination of both of them. The prowler owl is a predator decoy that will move around in the wind.

The wings are a made of a foil material. So when the wind blows they will move up and down and make noise. It quite large, and has a four foot wingspan. Since it look like it is always in flight, pigeons cannot adapt to their surroundings.

pigeon scare balloonEye Balloons

Another product that is effective in scaring birds away are balloons with large eyes painted on them. This may sounds a little weird, but they do work. They are designed to look like the large eyes of a predator bird. Just like humans, pigeons are always aware of other animal’s eyes. So the balloons will get their attention right away, and then scare them off.

Hang these eye balloons from trees or poles in common areas where pigeons hang out. These balloons work really well for office buildings, and apartments, because you can hang them off of windows and ledges.

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